The Roman Trail in Croatia

Croatia is a top European destination. It has something for everyone – water rats have the whole sea at their call, nature lovers have parks and trails stretched out, wine and food lovers have exhaustive menus to enjoy and history lovers have a well preserved Roman trail to explore. These complex Roman structures form this week’s travel tip.

Split – The most impressive Roman site in Croatia is the Diocletian Palace complex in Split. A UNESCO world heritage site, the complex is considered as the world’s best preserved Roman palace – much of the structure continues to stand as it was originally built.

The complex stands on the Split riva – an area chosen for its strategic superiority with sea and mountain flanking it – and consists of the main palace, barracks, cathedral, and living quarters (for palace and military personnel). Today many of these are residential blocks, souvenir shops and cafes.

Solin – Just a few kilometers from Split is Solin. Here away from the tourist trail you can explore the ruins of the ancient settlement of Salone, the all powerful centre of Roman Dalmatia. The community was a prosperous one, especially under Emperor Diocletian’s command from Split, and as with any decent Roman site, it left behind all the usual suspects – remains of an amphitheatre, public bath, tombs, and town walls.

Pula – It’s easy to call Pula a mini-Rome. It is a town build on seven hills and boasts of an impressive amphitheatre – the sixth largest in the world, Roman temples and ruins. The most prized structure here is undoubtedly the amphitheatre (also known as the arena), but just as significant are the temple of Augustus, the golden gate and Hercules’ gate.

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