5 Reasons to attend the 2012 London Olympics

London is to host the 2012 Olympics, it’s not the first time England has hosted the games, in both 1908 and 1948 the Olympics were held in this European city. London has endless attractions of all kinds to entice visitors in huge numbers from every corner of the globe, but there are several reasons why the 2012 London Olympics will be a massive draw to sports fans wanting a new level of Olympic experience.  Here are just a few of them.

Train art depicting athlete hurdling Tower Bridge by dms246

1 The 2012 London Olympics will be held in a totally new and purpose built site of over 500 acres known as the Olympic Park and will have a capacity of in excess of 180,000 spectators. The Olympic park will make use of brand new and state of the art facilities and stadiums.  Six very different and separate venues including a Velodrome and Aquatics Centre are currently under construction.  The Olympic park itself will offer a range of ways to move between the venues such as cleverly designed walkways and footbridges for ease of access.

The Aquatics Centre for London 2012 Olympics by damo1977

2 London has a very rich and diverse sports culture, which has been established over generations.

3 Carbon emissions are a big concern and every possible effort is being made to make this the first truly green Olympics including water conservation, efficient public transport, recycling and even the extensive use of bicycles. There will be a new fast Javelin rail link with a journey time of 7 minutes from St Pancras to Stratford International station. Green transport is a part of the theme with no less than 7 million tickets being offered that incorporate free transportation though the city during the games. The aim is for all spectators to reach the Games by sustainable forms or transport.

4 There’s a diverse range of London hotels with a total capacity of over 100,00 rooms in every possible price and quality range, from basic to the very best of high end accommodations and everything in-between.   Another 30,000 rooms will be provided at halls of residence and other student accommodation. I suppose it’s inevitable that accommodation prices will increase during the Games but there may be some early booking offers so it’s probably wise to start checking out some deals  well in advance of the event.

5 When not attending the games, there is probably no other city in the world that can offer the variety of attractions that London boasts, from the entertainment of the West End with some good deals on London theatre tickets, to the multitude of historic sites, to some of the world’s greatest shopping areas.  The UK capital has lovely open spaces such as Hyde Park, plenty of family activities, lots of fun budget things to do and remember that great state museums such as the British Museum are free to enter.

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