Cafe Marly at The Louvre, Paris

On a recent short break in Paris, I asked some friends across the water for some tips for must-visit places in Parsi. And Cafe Marly was one of them. Of course, The Louvre is on any Paris to-do list, but nothing can beat the little cafe at the edge of the courtyard. Especially not at dusk. The Louvre is really rather special at dusk (I imagine it’s even more special when it’s not freezing).

What’s so special about Cafe Marly? The view is just perfect. Sitting with a glass of (expensive, but rather tasty) Sancerre, staring out at the Louvre, with the Arc De Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower in the distance. I’m sure there isn’t a more perfect Paris view (although I’m more than willing to haul my ass over there again to find out). And of course, you’ve got the wonderful Louvre de Pyramid to look at as well. Some people don’t like it, thinking it’s too modern, but I like the juxtaposition between old and new. It’s 70 foot high, so it’s pretty imposing.

Cafe Marly soaks in all of this. There’s seats facing the courtyard (the only place I’d choose to sit) and the waiters can be surly. But once they’ve got you some drinks, then it’s just you, conversation, and that cityscape. A glass of wine (and a small one at that) will set you back €7 so it’s probably worth shelling out €32 for a bottle. But it’s a price worth paying. The more you drink, the longer you can stay. The longer you stay, the happier you’ll be, I’m certain of it. It’s a nifty marketing trick.

Next time I go to Paris, I might even get to take a trip inside The Louvre, but I’ll definitely be back to Cafe Marly, it’s certainly my pick of Paris cafes. Cafe Marly – 93 Rue de Rivoli 75001 Paris.

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