Meeting spring up north in Trondheim, Norway

Up north in Europe, though still south of the Arctic Circle, you find Trondheim, an European city, the third biggest in Norway. Spring comes late here, we can still do cross country skiing up in the hills above the city, though if you take a walk along the river Nidelven, or in the park surrounding the Nidaros Cathedral, you will find the first signs of spring.

Early in the morning you will find the cathedral park quiet. A lovely place for walk searching for colours. The trees are still without much green, but look down, and you will find the bluest quilt imaginable.  Scillas cover the ground, making it hard to find a place to put your feet.

Trondheim’s most famous building is the cathedral, built over the grave of Saint Olav who died not far from the city in 1030. Today pilgrims from all of Europe comes to Nidaros cathedral. They come all year, with a peak period in late July in connection with Olsok, the 29th of July which is the day King Olav died.

Trondheim has a to more to offer though. When your colour walk in the park is finished, what about visiting the harbour with its fish market Ravnkloa. There the fishmongers can show you the catch of the day, or you can buy shrimps directly from the fishing boats. If the day is warm enough I would join you there, sitting down on the edge of the canal, looking out over the fjord to Munkholmen Island, planning what to do next (which will come in a later post here at Europe a la Carte)

Hope to s ee you soon and I’ll take you onTrondheim sightseeing walk to my favorite places.

If you have visited the city, what are  your recommended Trondheim attractions?