Exploring historical Barcelona from underground

Barcelona is a city full of surprises, and I was certainly amazed to head underground in part of the City History Museum of Barcelona and find such a treasure trove. I stumbled across the “Conjunt Monumental Placa Del Rei” (Monumental Ensemble of the Placa Del Rei) without quite meaning to but I was glad I did.

Here you get to go below Barcelona and discover the archaeological basis of the city, in particular beneath the Place Del Rei – covering a large part of the Barcelona of Roman times, and dating back to 10 BC. Of course it’s a bit eerie to be underground like that but you soon get used to it and there is a lot to see – the remains of workshops where clothes were dyed for example, because you can still see the vessels they used for the job; even better, you can see a spot where they used to make wine, with some of the equipment still identifiable. The museum is really well set up so that you can walk through these areas on platforms (take a jumper, it’s a little cool down there!).

Their Museu D’Historia de la Ciutat website doesn’t seem to have an English version, but I got English-language brochures explaining the exhibits once I was there.

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