Dreaming of romantic days in Krakow

As winter and snow is about to loosen its grip on Trondheim, the Norwegian city where I live, I am dreaming of spring and warmer temperatures further south in Europe. Italy or Spain would be great, but I don’t have many days at hand, there must be some place closer? Then I know:  What about spending a few days in Krakow in Poland on a city break.

On arrival in Krakow I would drop of my luggage at the hotel, then find the quickest way to the Main Market Square, Rynek Glowny. There I would sit down at a cafe, rest my eyes on the twin towers of St.Mary’s Church, and then on the hour, every hour, day and night, the Trumpeter will open the tower window and play the hejnal, a tradition from the time the Tartars came trying to invade the city. If you are interested you can read more about this in the book The Trumpeter of Krakow.

Krakow, a center of both European Catholicism and Jewry, has the only surviving Polish medieval  town center. Pope John Paul II was born right outside the city, Auschwitz is only a short drive away, in winter you can watch ski jumping in Zakopane, or you can visit the amazing Wieliczka Salt Mines with its huge subterranean cathedral craved out of salt rock. Krakow has been named European Capital of Culture twice, so during a few days here you will be filled up with impressions, never a boring minute.

During this visit though, I will mainly be seated in coffee and teahouses. Krakow has a coffee house around every corner, all filled with their special charm. I’d bring my camera and my notebook and would visit one after another, drinking coffee,  sipping the atmosphere, taking notes, dreaming of writing a coffee house book from the city.

Are you searching for a romantic Europe destination? Why not join me at Cafe Camelot in Krakow, and we can search through travel books together? I’m sure we will come up with ideas enough to fill a notebook.

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