Exploring History on Trogir’s Main Square, Croatia

Surrounded by sea and stone the little Croatian town of  Trogir is protected and propelled by its UNESCO world heritage status. It’s the kind of place where one can spend quality hours lost in a maze of tiny stone alleys and structures – in courtyard cafes and restaurants, in boutiques and souvenir stores, and in historic corners and spaces. And it doesn’t get more historic than the Trg Ivana Pvala II, Trogir’s main square.

The square is a popular coffee stop for most tourists. Tables and chairs spread out across the square, waiters rush with orders, bringing coffees and cool drinks, and around them stands centuries of art, architecture and history.

The most assertive structure here is the Clock Tower, with its bright blue dial; it pulls your attention right from the word go, not an easy feat in this neck of the woods.

The little Croatian town of Trogir is only a few kilometres from the popular Europe destination of Split, making it an ideal Split day trip.

Right next to it is the 14th century town Loggia. Along its walls you’ll discover reliefs created by masters Ivan Mestrovic and Niccolo Fiorentino. This artwork lights up an otherwise simple loggia and adds an impressive backdrop to the day’s coffee.

Across the Loggia stands the most impressive building in Trogir, the 13th century Cathedral of St. Lawrence; in fact this is considered to be one of Croatia’s best too. The highlight of the cathedral is its main portal – a work of art created by Croatian master artist, Radovan – counted amongst the most prominent works undertaken in the Romanesque style.

On a simpler note, at least in comparison, is the 13th century Rector’s Palace. This has historically been an influential building in Trogir; it continues to be so even today as Trogir’s City Hall.

And ending with a bang, is the Cipiko Palace (the old and new). The Cipiko Palace brings in a touch of aristocratic opulence to the setting. This was the address of one of the most powerful families in Trogir during the 15th century. Its furnishings, elaborate portals, and intrinsic design elements, all open to the public, make the perfect sign off for this historic square.

This Croatian UNESCO heritage site is only a few kilometres from the popular Europe destination of Split, making it an ideal Split day trip.  There’s also a fair selection of accommodation in Trogir.

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