Eyemouth, Scottish Borders: Photo and video tour

Today we drove the ten miles north from Berwick upon Tweed, crossing the Anglo Scottish border, to Eyemouth, one of the few coastal towns in the Scottish Borders.

Looking down Eyemouth Harbour

Gunsgreen House (the imposing cream building at the rear of the photo above)  was built in the mid 18th century by successful local smuggler, John Nisbet.  The house is now dual purpose, the House of Secrets attraction, on the lower floors tells the story of smuggling in this border region and the upper floors, the Merchant’s House, can be hired as a luxury holiday rental.

Although it was still a couple of hours until high tide the beach had already disappeared and some waves were crashing over the prom wall, with a high risk of an seawater shower.

We stopped in a sheltered spot with a bench with a great view over Eyemouth Bay on the ascent to the Berwickshire coastal path to have a coffee from our flask.

There’s a colourful collection of mosaics close to Gunsgreen House.

Eyemouth Maritime Cemtre on Harbour Road, has a collection of boats and dinghies and changing exhibitions on a nautical theme.

Looking across to the Eyemouth Maritime Centre

We really enjoyed our walk around the harbour and along the coastal path and I’m sure we’ll be back in Eyemouth again soon. Eyemouth is not the best known of Europe destinations but if you’re travelling on the A1 between Newcastle and Edinburgh, Eymouth only a couple of miles off the main road and makes for a more pleasant midway stop than the services at Berwick upon Tweed.