Vienna Day Trips: Wine, Spring and Grinzing

I am not a wine drinker. I can’t tell the difference between grapes and I don’t know how to pair wine with whatever I may be eating. Which is why I was a bit skeptical when climbing aboard the 38 at Schottentor in the European city of Vienna. I was heading out to Grinzing, a northern area of Vienna known for its Heurigen. Wine taverns.

About twenty minutes later, having snaked through the city in a trolley, I climbed off in a picturesque part of Vienna. The area is one of those classic Europe destinations, small churches, small houses, small streets. And it’s beautiful. That it sits on a hillside speckled with vineyards only adds to the ambiance. It’s a perfect Vienna day trip.

I wandered around a bit, but quickly found myself drawn to a little Heuriger advertising the new wine that the area is known for with a small sign and the traditional pine bough signifying that the establishment was open. The Heurigen tend to only be open at certain times of the year and so it is important to look for that hanging pine bough.

I don’t know if it was a good year for wine, or if it was a good wine. It didn’t matter. Not with the tree-covered courtyard, good company, and the sun still shining. Wine enthusiasts may be drawn to the potential of the year’s harvest, travel enthusiasts are drawn to the atmosphere.

One warning, when the sun is shining, the place is packed with tourists. Apparently, so much so that the Viennese stay away. Therefore my Europe travel tip if you still want to experience Grinzing and avoid the crowds, pick one of the dirt roads leading up the hills and start walking. The Vienna views are stunning and a perfect way to end a visit to Grinzing.

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