Bosnia Attractions: Mostar Bridge

One of the most memorable days I spent in the Balkans was in the city of Mostar in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Even if you’ve forgotten the name, you are certain to know Mostar from its famous bridge,one of the most popular Bosnia attractions.Mostar’s “Stari Most” or Old Bridge was destroyed during the 1990s conflict, painstakingly rebuilt, and finally reopened in 2004. It’s a beautiful replica of the original bridge, built way back in 1567, and it has an interesting arch structure – walking over it is quite strange!

The historical area surrounding Mostar’s bridge, and the bridge itself, have now been inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, and I think that’s with good reason. It’s quite a special place and even without the recent conflict, it has a particularly historical feel to it. In fact, simply wandering through this history is my main tip for Mostar sightseeing- you’ll find restaurants and market stalls, and historical displays, and you can walk both across the bridge and down along the river foreshore, too.

It’s worth at least a day trip on your way to Sarajevo, but if you’re particularly interested in history of the area, you could easily stay longer.

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