Free Berlin Attractions: Berlin Cathedral

Most buildings in Berlin suffered greatly after two World Wars. Some of you may have visited the Kaiser-Wilhelm Memorial Church in Berlin where merely a tower still stands today. There are reminders all over this European city of two harsh wars that left the city in ruins. However, some buildings were miraculously undamaged by the wars and still stand today. One of those buildings is the Berlin Cathedral – a stunning cathedral located in the heart of the city, one of the highlights of  Berlin sightseeing.

Berlin Cathedral

Berlin Cathedral by Phil Hoare

The neo-classic design of the cathedral is modeled after the baroque movement – meaning the structure is extremely detailed with ornate statues, gold highlights and intricate designs. While living in Berlin I took many treks out to the cathedral to admire it’s beauty. With so many detailed designs, I found that I noticed something new during each of my visits.

It costs nothing to visit one of my favorite Berlin attractions. Best times to visit Berlin Cathedral would be during the morning or late afternoon to avoid the crowds. Most people tend to stay about an hour or so. Travelers tend to spend time sitting in one of the pews at the cathedral while admiring the ornate design of the building. This is a working church, not a museum, so be sure to dress and behave accordingly.

There is also a large lawn located directly in front of the cathedral. Berliners love to eat their lunches on this lawn on a sunny day and some tourists like to follow suit. For avid cathedral enthusiasts, look for a program for an opportunity to visit during an organ concert. Listening to an organ concert underneath such an ornate, large structure is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It also costs nothing to attend an organ concert!

Don’t miss visiting Berlin Cathedral one of the top free Berlin attractions on your next visit to this wonderful European city.

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