Coffee in Zagreb

Coffee is a national passion and favoured pastime in Croatia. Hours and hours are spent over a cup, and it’s not surprising that the traditional coffee culture continues to evade the ‘to-go coffee’ trend. If you’re in Zagreb here are some tips for great Zagreb cafe locales to consider:

Zagreb Centre – This is the heart of the city, and it runs on caffeine. From Zagreb’s Main Square, the Dolac Market roof, to the surrounding Flower Square, there are more cafes here than days in the month. The cafes are always busy, even on weekdays, but come Saturday and it’s pretty hard to find a free spot.

Tkalciceva – Along this stone paved, narrow street, cafes line up to serve eager coffee drinkers. Its popularity isn’t surprising as it offers the perfect set up – colourful baroque architecture, ringing church bells in the background, and beautiful people constantly streaming by; this is Zagreb over coffee.

Old Town – How about coffee with a dose of history? That’s what you get around Zagreb’s historic core. Surrounded by ancient landmarks – churches, fortified towers, museums and galleries, you can share your coffee with some of the city’s favourite myths and legends.

Sljeme – Sljeme is the highest peak on Zagreb’s Mount Medvednica. It offers a number of activities like hiking trails and ski slopes as wells as restaurants and cafes. You can reach the peak by cable car (if it’s in service), hiking, cycling or driving up. Once you’re up there, treat yourself to a hot cup of coffee in the forest, a great escape from the city.

Jarun – Jarun is Zagreb’s answer to the coast and a popular sports and recreation centre. With its two artificial lakes and a pebbled beach, Jarun is the place for water sports, rollerblading, running, and all things sporty. In addition, on warm days you’ll spot local sunbathing and catching up over coffee along the edge of the lakes.

Park Maksimir – Maksimir is Zagreb’s largest green space. An 18th century sanctuary for plants and wildlife, Maksimir makes for a fantastic coffee break. Set amidst oak and pine trees with five lakes in between, this is the place to open your favourite paperback and enjoy it over a hot cup of coffee, as a rag tag army of squirrels run around.

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