My Favourite Foods of Amsterdam

I just sent a good friend off packing for a long weekend trip to Amsterdam and gave her some of my Europe travels tips, a list of my favourite restaurants in the city. I thought it was a bit selfish not to share them, so here are a few really special places you should check out where you’ll find the best Amsterdam foods.

Best Breakfast and Tea

You won’t believe this one, but just past the gay saunas and sex shops of the red light district you’ll find the Bakkerswinkel (translates at baker’s shop). It’s a cosy little place with a huge selection of teas, coffees, and the BEST scones in Amsterdam. They are almost better than what you can get in the UK. Perfect start to the day.

Best Sandwich

You can’t go wrong with the massive, more bread than you can eat sandwiches made to order at Pasta Di Mamma on P. C. Hoofdstraat. They make the fresh balls of bread daily and then all of the ingredients are fresh and oh-so-delicious. Come hungry.

Best Place to Take Your Mum

I LOVE this choice: it’s just steps from the Westerkerk and it is a local secret, so hold onto it. It’s Moeders (dutch for monther) and your mum will love you forever for taking her to this wonderful place. The walls are covered with pictures of patron’s mothers, and all of the crockery/cutlery are donated from mums. You can get an amazing stamppot (a Dutch dish made with mash, spinach, and sausage) and don’t skip the Moeders coffee, it packs a powerful punch.

Best Takeaway Food

There’s no shortage of takeaway food in Amsterdam, from the kebab shops to the queues wrapping around the corner for a fresh batch of fries! But my favourite place is Wok to Walk. You simply choose noodles or rice, meat or veg, then add on your selection of sauce and veggies. They stir fry it while you watch, then on your way you go. Some of the smaller ones are takeaway while there is one larger dine-in place (but I still prefer the takeaway option). Fresh and filling.