Vienna’s Museum of Art Fakes

I wouldn’t have even stopped had it not been for what I thought was a ‘typo.’ The sheer horror of a ‘Manet’ instead of a ‘Monet’ was enough to redirect my attention from the unusual colours of Hundertwasserhaus to the more muted glass pane before me, just a few meters from the colourful building.

On closer scrutiny, I realized a number of artists shared the window pane with Manet, and they were all misspelt. This, but obviously, was Vienna’s Museum of Art Fakes.

Photo Credit - Museum of Art Fakes

A novel idea, this Vienna attraction, the Museum of Art Fakes is devoted to the best art forgeries and forgers in the art world. You’ll find a wealth of information (on art, famous forgers and even fakes by world renowned artists) here. Not just that, the exhibits take you through the basics of forgery, enabling you to understand the vocabulary, and the small but significant differences in this world of fakes.

With an entry of 4 Euros, this most unusual of Vienna museums adds an intriguing twist to the concept of a regular art gallery. In addition to the art, there is also a quirky store, full of replicas and kitschy items.

And then of course, not four paces away is Hundertwasserhaus; I’d like someone to take inspiration from these two stops and consider creating a replica of Hundertwasserhaus; I for one would be just as interested in the fake as the original!

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