Paris sightseeing: Paris Movie Walks

I received a complimentary copy of Paris Movie Walks by Michael Schurmann for review purposes. I’m not a great movie buff but I thought that movie themed self guided Paris walks sounded like a great idea. Paris is already renowned as being one of the best cities to visit in Europe, so I thought it would be interesting to add a movie inspired angle to  Paris sightseeing.

Under the Paris Sky by Reinante El Pintor de Fuego

I was really impressed by the book Paris Movie Walks, it was thoroughly researched, structured in a way to make it really easy to use and written in a humorous manner. Michael suggests that you watch three movies before you arrive in Paris, so at least you have some Paris movie locations to which you can relate. There’s an index of all the movies featured in the walks, so if you have favourite movies you can select the appropriate walks.

The book includes ten walks each taking in several Paris movie locations, complete with maps. I liked the fact that all sorts of movies are included in the book, from the rather obscure to blockbusters. Michael doesn’t appear to make any judgements on the quality of the movies included in the book, I think he’s guided solely by the movie locations. He’s devised the walks to take in several movie locations in fairly close proximity. However, there are some widely dispersed locations a greater distance from the city centre, which Michael has collated in a Further Afield section.

Last Tango in Paris by drmvm1

Author guided walks are on the cards, wouldn’t it be great to have Michael show you around Paris movie locations? You can follow Michael and his wife Marlys on Twitter as @ParisBuff, where they give tips on budget travel to Paris and beyond.

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