Art in Mannheim at the Kunsthalle

The German city of Mannheim is probably not famous for art, but visiting the Kunsthalle Mannheim gallery really is worthwhile. I’ve been planning our next trip to Germany, which will include my mother, and thinking of the best places in Europe to visit, I think it’s one that she’d like to see, and since we’ll be passing through Mannheim, perhaps a Kunsthalle stop is on the cards.

For a start, Mannheim’s major gallery is in a fantastic building. Curiously, this impressive place was supposed to be just temporary – built over a hundred years ago for an expo, the plan was to tear it down, but someone must have had more sense. Now it houses a bunch of changing exhibitions (a particularly creepy photography exhibition was on during my last visit, but it’s now finished) as well as a very decent collection of paintings, including some from van Gogh, Pissarro, Manet and Degas, to drop a few important names.

Unfortunately the website only has information in German, so to summarise: the Kunsthalle Mannheim is open every day except Monday, from 11am to 6pm; on Wednesday evenings they have a special opening from 6pm to 8pm when entrance is free – although even the normal entrance cost of €2.10 is perfectly reasonable; some special exhibitions charge €7. It’s not hard to find this recognisable building at Friedrichsplatz 4. I spent a good half a day there so don’t expect to run in and out in half an hour.

(Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

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