Normandy’s Impressionism Festival: Summer 2010

For those of you passionate about impressionist art, Normandy is going to be one of the best places to visit in Europe this summer. Normandy is not only home to Monet’s Giverny house and garden, and the many sites such as the Rouen Cathedral and the white coastal cliffs he and other impressionist artists painted, but this year the region is hosting what promises to be a great festival. The administrative regions that make up Normandy and the various relevant art galleries and cultural institutions have come together and organised Normandie Impressionniste 2010: a programme of over 100 events and exhibitions for June through to September this year.

This festival is not just a series of exhibitions of impressionist art, although there are a number of those planned too. For example, the Castle Museum in Dieppe will curate an exhibition of paintings that depict that City and its surroundings; and the museum of fine art in Rouen will curate an exhibition of paintings of the city by Monet, Gaugin and Pissarro. Other exhibitions are slated for Le Havre, Hornfleur, Giverny and Caen. Besides the exhibitions the programme includes a variety of concerts and theatre productions, as well as outdoor sound and light shows and open air concerts and picnics – outdoor dining and picnics were a common theme for the impressionists.

During the evenings in the summer of 2009 the city of Rouen gave us a taster of what we can expect in 2010. The cathedral, the one that Monet painted thirty times, had Monet’s paintings projected on to its façade (pictured above). And, the front façade of the Museum of Fine Arts was used as the backdrop for an animated sound and light show that told the history of the impressionist movement. The following three photographs give an idea of how striking the projecting of images onto the front of the museum was.

For more about impressionism in Normandy and the programme for Festival this summer, have a look at the following blog: Monet, Giverny & Normandy.

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