View from St Peter's in Munich

Climbing St Peter’s church tower in Munich

On my recent visit to Munich before Christmas, I enjoyed a bracing walk that took my breath away – literally. This was a walk of the vertical rather than horizontal kind, up the many steps of St Peter’s Church tower just by Marienplatz, in the heart of old Munich. You pay a couple of Euros for the privilege at the booth at the bottom and then keep climbing, hoping that you won’t meet too many others coming in the opposite direction, when the stairs get narrow.

View from St Peter's in Munich

View from St Peter's church tower in Munich

Not one for those who hate heights or even those who feel claustrophobic at the thought of narrow stairwells, but once you get to the top, the view is well worth the exertion. From the top of St Peter’s you get a 360 degree view over the rooftops of Munich and down into Marienplatz, where the Christmas market was being held. If you timed you visit for 11 o’clock or noon, you’d get a birds eye view of the famous Glockenspiel on the facade of the Neues Rathaus or New Town Hall, when the painted figures turn round in time to the clock chimes.

The climb reminded how many church towers there are to be climbed in the cities of Europe – I’ve climbed towers in Croatia that were downright dodgy, up the Cathedral tower in Valencia and the ultimate in Church tower climbs at the Dome of St Peter’s Basilica in Rome, where the crowds were just as pressing at the top as the bottom.  Climbing a church tower is one of my travel tips as in all cases the view was wonderful and a great way to get a different perspective on the city.

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