Hohenschwangau Castle – the other Neuschwanstein

Hohenschwangau Castle

One of the problems of visiting the Neuschwanstein Castle in southern Germany is that unless you arrive early, or are organised to book ahead online (with an extra cost), then you can spend all day waiting for your chance to tour the castle. So here’s my tip – enjoy the exterior of Neuschwanstein, especially the pretty view from the Marienbruecke (bridge), but for your peek inside a castle, pick Hohenschangau instead.

The Hohenschwangau Castle is where the designer of Neuschwanstein, crazy King Ludwig II, grew up and lived in as the building of Neuschwanstein began (it was never finished). It is walking distance from Neuschwanstein and you buy tickets at the same place – you can also get a combination ticket if you want to see inside both castles. Hohenschwangau is based on the site of a twelfth century fortress and this reconstruction took place in the 1830s. 300,000 people go through it a year, so it’s certainly not deserted, and arriving earlier in the day is still a good idea.

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