Pedalling under Charles Bridge in Prague

Visiting the Czech capital of Prague is not the same as it was ten years ago. With great marketing and its own natural beauty, Prague quickly became one of the main tourist destinations in the old Eastern Europe and I have to admit, after visiting a few times I have often found the central areas of the city way too crowded with tourists.

Pedal boat Prague Charles Bridge

But all is not lost, because there are also plenty of ways to enjoy the city without joining the tourist crush walking across the Charles Bridge. One of my favourite ways is to hire a pedal boat and explore the Vltava River right in Prague’s centre. I was able to pedal under Charles Bridge for a different view, and enjoy the sights of the castle too.

Obviously this is a job for summer, but it’s well worth it. You can also hire a row boat but I think a pedal boat, seating up to four people, is easier and more of a novelty, anyway. Beware the summer sun though – I was surprised to get sunburnt there in May.

Pedal boat Prague

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