Getting Jazzed Up in Montreux

Montreux is another one of those lovely hamlets you’ll find along the coast of Lake Geneva.  It makes the perfect daytrip from Geneva, if you’ve used up all your free Geneva attractions.  It’s also near Lausanne, another great Lake Geneva stop.

Montreux is mostly known for their Jazz Festival but there are lots of other things to do.


You can see why they call it the Swiss Rivieria

Chateau de Chillon.  This has to be one of my favourite castles in all of Europe; it’s just outside Montreux, and if the weather is suitable you can walk there (45 min).  It’s built on a tiny island just off the main road, so you can’t miss it, but the reason is this used to be a toll station.  It offers some amazing views over Lake Geneva, and the interior condition is in very good order.  This castle inspired the Lord Byron poem, the Prisoner of Chillon.

Hauts de Montreux.  Some day this is one of the best hiking spots in all of Switzerland.  Even if you’re not a big hiker, you can just enjoy the train ride (Montreux-Oberland-Bernois) back and forth.  Be sure to book in advance for the best prices.

Terrace Life. Montreux is filled with fabulous hotels with jazz bars, live pianists, brass and gold and glitter.  Sound expensive?  Yes – it is.  But it’s worth it for the experience – at least have a drink and enjoy the atmosphere.  Many of the hotel/restaurant establishments near the train station are a little less expensive.  Otherwise, if you’re just on a tight tight budget, go for a stroll along the lake.  Especially at dusk, it is a charming experience.

The trains to/from Montreux are awfully expensive.  Be sure to book ahead for savings.

Photo by abhijeet.rane