Rock Climb in Arco, Italy

Arco, Italy is a mountainous area with a relatively mild climate in Northern Italy – making it the perfect place for rock climbing. The city happens to be a favorite area for rock climbers in Europe, as well as a popular place for professional rock climbing competitions. During a climb, chances are that you will hear at least four different languages being spoken by neighboring climbers.

Sector Assissi at Massone

Never been rock climbing before? Don’t fret. Rock climbers of any skill level are welcome to climb in Arco. There are climbs designed specifically for beginners, intermediate and advanced climbers. Arco boasts thousands of routes to choose from and all climbs are on lovely limestone rock. Ultimately, there is a place for everyone to climb.

The routes in Arco can be climbed year-round, but the most popular times to climb are during spring and autumn. It is said that there are 50 areas, 63 crags, 2130 single pitch sport climbing routes, more than 70 multi-pitch climbing routes and 125 bouldering problems in Arco. A rock climber’s dream.

Lake Garda, a gorgeous lake with crystal blue water, is located just south of Arco. After a day of sweating while rock climbing, I suggest heading to the lake for a refreshing swim. The lake is a popular tourist destination and the perfect ending to a long day of hiking or rock climbing. Go windsurfing, take a swim or simply lay on the beach for relaxation. The beautiful sight of the water and the mountains are worth the short drive to the lake.