Volosko, a Croatian Fishing Village

Winter has come to Zagreb. The days are short, dark and cold and make for limited options, which is why I took off this weekend to the small fishing village of Volosko on the Opatija Riviera (approximately two and a half hours by road from Zagreb). This region is known for the good weather it enjoys all year round – at 8C it was fairly comfortable, but more importantly, the sun was beaming down.

Volosko is within walking distance from the town of Opatija; you can either set up camp there or stay in Volosko itself. There are a number of hotels and apartments in the area, though it is best to book ahead – places may be full during summer and may shut down for renovations during winter.


Explore the quiet village – walk around the crowded-together stone homes along narrow stone streets. There’s barely enough space to stretch out your hands, and yet an endless number of cars stand parked on either side!

At the heart of Volosko is the small pier, Mandrac. A number of fishing boats are docked here. In the summer, you’ll spot bigger, flashier vessels along with sailing enthusiasts and beach bums lounging on the pebbled beaches. You’ll also see a number of tourists (all year round) on the walkway along the water; this promenade stretches up to Opatija and extends all the way down to the Riviera.

But the one thing to do here is eat! The village has a strong fishing tradition and it makes for some of the best seafood restaurants in the country – from small, traditional fares (follow the Ribarnica signs) to high-end culinary experiences (Plavi Podrum, Le Mandrac and Amfora, all of which are on the water).

Sea bass and blitva

Find one that fits the bill and Indulge in grilled fish (usually served with Swiss chard, known locally as blitva), oysters, squid, scallops and shrimps, and local white wine; in my book, this is the perfect way to get rid of the winter blues.

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