Kungsträdgården – A Stockholm Park for All Seasons

In the middle of Stockholm lies Kungsträdgården, the King’s garden.  It was once just that, but today it is an open park filled with restaurants, cafes, and statues of old kings.  The park is also host to several events throughout the year, including live concerts, food festivals, ice skating, and of course a Christmas market.

During the summer, outdoor seating dominates the park as Stockholmers enjoy the sunlight and the beautiful fountain.  In the spring, the trees are blossoming, and old men tend to be playing chess on the oversized chess board near the fountain.

Stockholm Kungstradgarden - Chess

In the winter, the fog and cold rolls in, but the park retains its appeal.  Especially during the Christmas season when the Christmas market opens. The free Christmas market is set up in the park from November 27th until December 22nd this year.  There you can wander through the market, snacking on traditional Swedish Christmas treats like brända mandlar which are roasted, candied almonds.

Stockholm Kungstradgarden - Karl XII

Along with the Christmas market, an ice skating rink is built around the statue of Karl XIII.  Free if you bring your own ice skates, the rink is a great place to enjoy the Swedish winter and ice skate amongst royalty.  Or at least statues of royalty.

Stockholm Kungstradgarden - Ice Skating

Of course, of the two royal statues in the park, Karl XIII is not the one most revered by Swedish history.  The statue of Karl XII is surrounded by four pots, in Swedish “kruka” (as well as the ice skating rink during the winter). The other, Karl XIII is surrounded by four lions.  To discredit Karl XIII, who was not necessarily well thought of, it is said that the statues represent a lion among four pots and a pot among four lions, pot, or kruka, being Swedish slang for a coward.

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