Italy Travel Tips ‘n’ Tweets: What to do and see in Lucca, Tuscany

Here are the travel tips I received when planning my trip to Lucca in Tuscany in November 2009 to help you get more from your visit to Lucca.

Lucca arch frieze

Illuminated frieze in Lucca gate arch

Megan of Context Travel recommends taking a day trip from Lucca to Garfagnana (especially the lovely town of Barga). If you have access to a car during this portion of your stay, I would definitely suggest checking out the typical sagre, which are food-based festivals held in small towns, celebrating the seasonal delicacies of the region. Sagre are a wonderful way to eat amazing local food at rock bottom prices surrounded by locals.

Roberta Kedziersk the Antico Caffe di Simo, in via Filungo, the main street, is worth visiting for its original Art Nouveau furnishings.

Me at Lucca town walls

Me by Lucca’s town walls

waitinginthedark of Explorer recommends a hike or bicycle ride on Lucca’s walls. They are gorgeous and very well conserved. In Lucca/Florence surroundings, a nice idea could be to visit the Garfagnana region, frequently called “Tuscany’s green island” and famous for spelt, used to cook the traditional Tuscan “Minestra di farro” (a soup with beans and spelt, a must tasting it at least once). You can choose between several itinerary options: by car, by bicycle, walking. If you like local products, have a look at the program “I luoghi dell’Olio” proposing visits to several oil mills and oil tasting, together with other traditional dishes. The festival takes place on Nov. 28-29 and from Dec. 5 to Dec. 8. Info at APT Lucca +390583 919931.

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