Restaurant review: Trattoria da Sergio, Lucca, Tuscany

We had our best meal during our week in Tuscany in November 2009 at the Trattoria da Sergio, Piazza Bernardini 7 in Lucca, tel 0583 491364. The staff working there when we ate didn’t speak any English.

Trattoria da Sergio, Lucca, Tuscany

Table at Trattoria da Sergio, Lucca

We went for the 10 euro set menu which being Italy didn’t cost 10 euro as there was a 2 euro per person cover charge. I’ve found that restaurants in Venice are amongst the worst for extras with cover charges of up to 3 euros plus a mandatory 15% service charge and soft drinks costing up to 5 euro, leading to an almost doubling of your bill. Did Ryanair get inspiration for their pricing structure from Italian restaurants?

We both had lasagne for our prima piatto. It was delicious, multi layered with a creamy sauce.

Lasagne at Trattoria da Sergio, Lucca

Lasagne at Trattoria da Sergio, Lucca

I had pork chop with roast potatoes for my secondi piatti. How come I can never cook such tender pork?

Pork at Trattoria da Sergio,Lucca,Tuscany

Pork chop at Trattoria da Sergio

My husband had rabbit garnished with olives served in a polenta ring. He reckoned it was one of the tastiest dishes he’s ever eaten (and he’s not prone to effusive praise).

Rabbit served with polenta

Rabbit in polenta ring at Trattoria da Sergio

So if you’re in Lucca head for Trattoria da Sergio for some good value, authentic Italian cooking. Why not have a cycle round Lucca’s town walls to either work up a good appetite or burn off some of the calories?

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