The Christmas Market in Old Town Stockholm

The Swedish winter is here, which means that in Stockholm, the sun is going down around 3 in the afternoon.  It makes for very short days.

Swedes though, know how to combat the darkness, Christmas lights line the streets and candles shine in windows throughout town.  It makes for a beautiful stroll through Stockholm.  One of the best places to end up during your stroll is the Christmas market in Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s Old Town.

Stockholm Gamla Stan - Christmas Market at Night

Open from November 21st through December 23rd, the market is located in Stortorget a small square near the Royal Castle and Storkyrkan.  Wandering around the Christmas market is completely free, although buying any of the homemade crafts and other traditional Swedish Christmas gifts is far from free.

Stockholm Gamla Stan - Christmas Market Candy

While the gifts might be expensive, the glögg and pepparkakor are not.  Glögg and pepparkakor are a Christmas tradition in Sweden; glögg is a type of spiced wine and pepparkakor are gingerbread cookies.  A cup of glögg is well worth buying as you enjoy the Swedish winter.

Stockholm Gamla Stan - Christmas Market Glogg

Be warned, the Christmas market in Gamla Stan will be packed with people.  Expect to be jostled around a little bit, but once you grab your glögg, escape to the steps of the Nobel Museum.  You’ll get out of the crowd and be able to look out over the market while you enjoy the Swedish Christmas spirit.

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