Rent a Cottage in Finland

Finland is a beautiful country known for having thousands and thousands of lakes. If you’re planning on traveling to Helsinki, be sure to find some time to leave the city to experience one of Finland’s many lakes.

My Aunt's cottage in Finland

Renting a cottage in Finland is the perfect way to find peace away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Neighbors are far and few which will make your travel experience much more private.

There are many cottages to rent on various lakes in Finland. You might choose a cottage located somewhere near activities that interest you or your group. The cottages are quaint and sort of become a home-away-from-home for visitors. Most cottages can be rented year round and most of them are priced per week instead of per person.

During the summer, many families enjoy swimming, fishing, canoeing, biking, sailing and other outdoor activities during their stay. The summer days are long and bright and it seems as if the sun hardly sets. In the winter families enjoy ice swimming, trekking, skiing and snowboarding. Winter days seem short, with little light, but the snow adventures make it all worth while.

The backyard to my Aunt's cottage in Finland

Oh, and don’t forget the sauna. Most Finnish cottages are equipped with a sauna that are used daily by the Finns. You have not experienced Finland until you learn to use the sauna like a Finn.

I was lucky enough to stay at a cottage owned my my aunt somewhere outside of Helsinki. During my stay I discovered how to relax over and over again. I swam, went boating, ate crayfish, barbecued and found time to meditate while only listening to the sounds of nature. It was very obvious to me why the Finns are always looking for opportunities to leave the city on holiday and head to the lakes. In my opinion, no visit to Finland is complete without a much-needed stay at a cottage on a lake.