Open Exhibition at Gymnasium Gallery, Berwick upon Tweed, 31 October – 12 December 2009

This afternoon I attended the Opening of the Open Exhibition at Berwick upon Tweed‘s Gymnasium Gallery. The exhibition showcases the works of artists and designers living in the local regions of North East England and the Scottish Borders. The exhibition runs until 12 December 2009 and is open Wednesdays to Sundays from 12:00 to 16:00. The Gymnasium Gallery is located next the Barracks, on the town walls.

My first video is of works portraying scenes in and around Berwick upon Tweed.

My second video is of a selection of works including two of my favourites, both illustrating paths through woods which made me want to walk along under the canopy of trees.

If you live locally or will be in the Berwick upon Tweed area before the 12 December 2009 you should pop into the exhibition.

If you do visit, let me know which was your favourite piece.