Free Dublin attractions

There are many great free attractions in the Irish capital of Dublin. It’s easy to get to Dublin from most of Europe and there are generally plenty of flight deals.  If you plan to visit several paid for attractions, you should investigate the Dublin Pass.

I visited three of the free attractions in October 2009 which I’ve described at the start of the post. Then I’ve listed some other free Dublin attractions with links.

Free Dublin attractions I visited

City Hall Rotunda

City Hall was constructed in the late 18th century as the Dublin Stock Exchange. It was purchased by the City Corporation in the 1850s. Entrance to the Rotunda is free of charge, downstairs in the vaults there is a multi media exhibition about History of Dublin with an admission fee.

Dublin City Gallery, The Hugh Lane

Dublin City Gallery, The Hugh Lane houses a collection of modern and contemporary art. The main building itself Charlemont House is a work of art with beautiful glass ceilings. My favourite paintings were “Un Matin” by Monet and “Aloe” by William Leech.

A Francis Bacon exhibition, which will run until March 2010,was being set up during my visit, so part of the Gallery was closed.

Chester Beatty Library

Chester Beatty Library is an absolutely amazing place that I’d highly recommend. It’s situated in Dublin Castle Gardens. The focus is on religion and culture with displays of paintings and manuscripts. I particularly liked the Japanese picture books.

When I visited in October 2009, the temporary exhibition, MANI: The Lost Religion of Light, was running. It was fascinating to find out about this religion which almost supplanted Christianity as it spread east and west from Persia.

Chester Beatty Library, Dublin

Chester Beatty Library ground floor water feature

Other free Dublin attractions

National Botanical Gardens

Irish Museum of Modern Art

National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology & History and Decorative Arts & History

National Photographic Archive

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