Zagreb’s Lotrščak Tower

While I’ve mentioned the Lotrščak Tower in passing before, I’m going to share a little more about one of my favourite landmarks in Zagreb today.

The 13th century Lotrščak Tower is a resident of Zagreb’s Upper Town. Back then it was meant to stand guard at the town gate against bandits and impending attacks. In addition, the tower bell also functioned as a communication device; it would ring out each evening announcing the closing of the town gates. It would also ring in warning against fires, floods and storms

Lotrščak Tower

The original tower structure was three floors tall. In the 19th century an additional floor was added and a cannon (that the tower is known for today) was placed on the top floor. Anyone who has been to Zagreb will recognise this cannon (it even has a name – Grič cannon). The cannon is fired everyday at the stroke of noon; a tradition since 1877. The crackling sound can be heard across the city centre. The first time I heard the cannon, I though an accident had taken place!


While there are several legends associated with the practice of the 12 o clock shot (the most common story involves attacking Turks being scared off by a well aimed cannon shot and dispersing as a result), the cannon is used by Churches (and locals) to synchronise their watches.

For a small fee (10 Kuna) you can climb the tower, get a closer look of the cannon and head to the roof for a 360 degree view of the city. The best part about making the climb is the chance to get a clear shot of the St. Mark’s Church located just a few paces away.

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