Gullfoss Waterfall Iceland: Photos & Videos

One of Iceland’s most popular outdoor natural attractions is Gullfoss Waterfall.

Gullfoss Waterfall Iceland

It was icy underfoot on the day I visited in October 2009 so I shuffled along crossing my fingers that I wouldn’t slip and fall in my quest to take videos and photos.

I wished that I could have ventured further down to the path but as the slope was pretty steep I thought I’d better give that a miss.

Gullfoss Waterfall Iceland

Can you believe that at one point the Icelandic government planned to build a hydro electric dam here. Explore Iceland relates that the daughter of a local farmer stirred up enough protest to convince the government to buy the land to ensure that the Waterfall would be preserved as part of a national park.

It was so cold that I didn’t even manage to stay outside for as long as I’d have liked and scurried off to the warmth of the Visitor’s Centre.

Gullfoss Waterfall Iceland

Have you been to Gullfoss Waterfall? Did you manage to brave the elements to take photos and videos?