The View from Heidelberg Castle

Rising above the city of Heidelberg is Heidelberg Castle.  It dominates the skyline and is a sight to see from afar when lit up late at night.  But the sights from the castle itself are just as impressive.

Heidelberg - Church of the Holy Spirit

Heidelberg Castle is situated atop a hill looking out over the city.  It’s a bit of a hike across well worn cobblestones that have been smoothed by throngs of people hiking up and down the hill, but it is a hike that is worth it.

Heidelberg - Old Bridge

The park is beautiful, the view over Heidelberg, amazing.  Looking down on Heidelberg, the red rooftops of the old town shine in the sunlight.  The Church of the Holy Spirit rises above the surrounding buildings.  The Old Bridge stretches across the river to the rolling hills on the other side.

Heidelberg - Across the River

Entry to the Castle courtyard will cost a few Euros.  Luckily, the surrounding park is absolutely free and unless you’re interested in seeing a large vat and a whole lot of historical pharmaceuticals, skip the inner courtyard and instead walk around the Castle grounds where you can wander all day without having to pay.

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