Parisian Pastries

Next time you’re in Paris – don’t miss the one of the French capital’s best features: pastries!


photo by rgs

Regardless if you call ’em boulangeries, cafes, bistros, bakeries, or that-great-place-with-the-cakes, any trip to Paris is remiss without flaky croissants, buttery cakes, and sugary tarts. Here’s some great places for you to go and enjoy them:

  • Angelina – steps from the Louvre, Angelina’s is known for their hot chocolate (it is almost a sin to even call it that it’s so good) and their mont blanc, a sweet and delicious treat!
  • Le Moulin de la Vierge – has several shops in the city and if you like pain aux raisin, look no further.
  • Pain D’Epis – steps from the Eiffel Tower, I must say that Pain D’Epis has probably the BEST bread in the world.  No kidding.

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