The Island of Vis, Croatia

Vis is the outermost island on Croatia’s Dalmatian coast. For years the island served as an army base for the Yugoslav army, off limits to the general public, especially foreigners. It wasn’t till Croatia gained independence in 1990 that Vis opened her doors to the world.

Vis is approachable only by sea. Ferries ply regularly from the city of Split; a number of private boats also make their way to the Vis marina. For many this would be a disadvantage, but the years of seclusion and distance have ensured that Vis, its surroundings and its water have remained pristine – a great advantage today.


This may be a tiny island, but it is full of sights. Around Vis Town and Komiza, the prominent settlements on the Island, you can choose between 16th century structures, historical ruins, and lush orchids and vineyards. If you prefer the waters, rich marine life, shipwrecks, quiet bays and iridescent caves are on offer. And at the end of a long day you can unwind at the many waterside cafes, serving traditional delicacies (read seafood) and some of the best local wines.

Even at the height of summer Vis continues to have free spaces and isn’t full of tourist traps – for one, the marina isn’t littered with cheap souvenir stall. It offers a peaceful holiday, secluded bays and clear waters; the best of the Croatian summer without the summer crowds.

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