The Medieval Wall of Rothenburg

Rothenburg is a medieval German city preserved because of poverty and luck.  Poverty kept the town from evolving, freezing it in the medieval ages.  Luck kept it from being bombed during WWII because both the Americans and Germans in charge near Rothenburg realized the historical value and the city was saved.

Rothenburg - Countryside

Today though, the poverty that one preserved the city is nowhere to be found.  Instead tourism dominates, bringing life to the city.  Considering the small size of the town, there is a considerable amount to see in the town.

Rothenburg - Townhouses

But the main attraction is the medieval wall.  The wall can be seen from miles away and once kept attackers at bay for hundreds of years until Rothenburg was finally conquered during the Thirty Years War.

Rothenburg - Wall

Rather than sentinels, tourists scurry along the pathway, wandering back and forth on the incredibly well preserved wall.  Unlike so many other attractions n Rothenburg, to walk the wall is free and the views of the town are beautiful.  The wall stretches just about a mile and gives you a bird’s eye view of many of the cities small courtyards and red roofs.  However, if you’re taller than average, be prepared to walk hunched over.  I came down from the wall with a slight pain in my neck.

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