Visiting Prague (or anywhere) for a hobby

Prague's Charles Bridge

Having a hobby can be a great way of deciding on a holiday destination. I used to travel a lot with a friend who had a slightly unusual sporting hobby – he was a kendo player, having taken up the martial art while he lived in Japan. Because of him, and a Czech national tournament which was open to people of all nationalities, I was able to make my first trip to Prague a few years ago.

Visiting a city or country for this kind of reason makes for a totally different trip, with quite a few advantages – the most important ones being that you get an insight into the normal daily life of the place (the kendo tournament was held in a high school gymnasium out in the suburbs of Prague) and of course, you are easily able to meet a bunch of local people who can show you around – and in Prague’s case, give you the inside tips on the best local beers!

Kendo Tournament in Prague

One popular reason for hobby travel for northern Europeans is to participate in sports in a a warmer climate such golf in La Manga or tennis in Mallorca in Spain.  It doesn’t really matter what your hobby is, but perhaps if it’s a little obscure, that’s even better – the locals will welcome you with open arms. Has anyone else out there travelled somewhere in Europe in pursuit of a hobby or a bit of competition? Let me know in the comments.