Vienna Attractions: Mozarthaus disappoints

Staring out onto Blutgasse, you can wander through the apartment, Domgasse 5, in which Mozart spent over two years of his life in Vienna at the height of his success.

Mozarthaus Vienna - Front

Mozarthaus Vienna is tucked just behind Stephansdom, the large cathedral that dominates the center of Vienna. The most luxurious of Mozart’s Vienna residences, Mozarthaus was turned into a museum by the Germans during WWII to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Mozart’s death in 1941.

Mozarthaus Vienna - Blutgasse Street Sign

An adult entrance ticket costs nine Euros, which includes an audio guide for the various floors of the building, only one of which is actually Mozart’s apartment. Be warned, the audio guide is long winded. Very long winded. It tells a wonderful story, but you’ll find yourself standing in rooms far longer than necessary to take in the meager exhibitions. Luckily, some of the stories are engaging enough that you won’t mind. The rumors surrounding his death, the gambling problems, the Freemasonry.

The museum itself leaves a bit to be desired, which may be why no pictures are allowed inside. Not much is known for certain about the layout of the apartment. How the family lived. How it was furnished. How the rooms were organized. Instead, the museum is set up with a few displays, a few artifacts, and lots of portraits. Portraits of everyone from duchesses to other composers. Unfortunately, the portraits take over and distract from the history of the building.

If you’re expecting a visual experience at the Mozarthaus Vienna, you will be disappointed. However, the audio experience, from the historical guide to the music, is amazing. A fitting tribute to a man who made his living on the audio side of life.

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