Tartu’s crooked art museum

Estonia is full of cute surprises and in my (perhaps) favourite Estonian town, Tartu, there’s a great one: the Tartu Art Museum which is housed in a really crooked building!

Tartu Art Museum

It’s right in the centre of Tartu near the town hall, and although I don’t actually know why the building has ended up on such a lean, it’s obviously considered safe enough because it was freshly renovated back in 1988 for the museum to move in to from another location. Apparently the locals call it the Leaning House and of course it gets likened to Pisa pretty often. But it’s one step more interesting than Pisa because, apart from not being crowded out with tourists, you get to experience the leaning building as well as a collection of thousands of pieces of (mostly) Estonian art.

If you visit this leaning art museum make sure to avoid its closed days (Mondays and Tuesdays); other than that it’s open from 11am to 8pm and costs 35 Kroons (just over 2 Euros).

When you’re in Tartu why not visit one of my other favourite attractions there, The Students Lock-Up at the University.

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