Best Belfast Bar: The Apartment v The Crown

On my first evening in Belfast on the Summer 09 UK Blogging Tour I visited two very different bars. The Apartment is a trendy modern bar just across from City Hall. It’s glass fronted so there are great views over the illuminated civic building after dark. They also serve food and if you eat there Monday to Thursday from 3pm and all day Sunday you can have two courses and a glass of wine for £12.95. The food’s very good, I had their signature dish, Blackened Cod with Noodles, followed by Banoffee Pie.

The Crown Bar has been called the most beautiful bar in the World, it’s a traditional High Victorian style bar with ornately carved wooden snugs (booths) with doors which allowed drinking in privacy. The stained glass windows and mosiac tiled floor are amazing. The Crown Bar serves lunch and the Crown Dining Rooms serve food afternoons and evenings.

So what a contrast from contemporary gloss to old world charm. Which did I like best? I know this is a cop out but I loved them both, The Apartment for the views and The Crown for its character. Why choose anyway, they’re only a few minutes walk apart, so you can enjoy them both.