Sightseeing in Strasbourg

If you haven’t been to Strasbourg, you’re missing out. Just off the France/German border, the town is a beautiful and unique mix of influences from each country. As well, it is the seat of many major European councils, the most important being the European Parliament seat it shares with Brussels.

Next time you’re there, here are some sightseeing tips for the best of Strasbourg.

strasbourgPhoto courtesy F Antunes

  • The Cathédrale Notre Dame is surprisingly the tallest church steeple in France – and there is plenty of competition. It was even the world’s tallest building from 1647 to 1874. The astronomical clock inside is a must-see.
  • Petit France is the area between the two rivers near the centre of town. It is so gorgeous with the little German-looking timer houses with French signs. In medieval times, this was the red light district of the city.
  • While slightly touristy and cheesy, the short boat tour docks just south of the cathedral is a nice way to see the city from a different perspective. It’s not as impressive as, say, an Amsterdam canal tour, but just the building reflections on the water make for a nice afternoon treat.
  • The Orangerie is a gorgeous park which has the feeling you’re miles and miles from civilisation. Hidden architectural highlights, well manicured lawns… it’s a classic French park at its best.

You might want to consider visiting the city in late November and December, as Strasbourg hosts one of the cosiest Christmas Markets in all of France. You can search for great deals on Strasbourg hotels in the LateRooms search box below.