My Urbis Manchester tour

Urbis responded to my call for volunteer guides for the Manchester stop of the Summer 09 UK Blogging Tour by offering to take me on one of their walking tours. However so many of their guided tours sounded really interesting and it was too hard to select only one. Therefore Urbis put together a Combination Tour for me, encompassing elements of the Architecture, Radical City, Medieval Manchester and After the Cloud tours.

I met up with Lisa Burke, my guide for the tour at the Urbis Exhibition Centre itself a pretty impressive looking building. Below are some highlights of my tour.

Urbis, Manchester

Urbis Exhibition Centre, Manchester

Lincoln Square, where the statue of the American president commemorates Manchester’s stand against slavery.

Lincoln Square, Manchester

Lincoln Square, Manchester by arenamontanus

The Barton Arcade is a Victorian construction of cast iron and glass where a growing number of independent retailers are setting up shop.

Barton  Arcade, Manchester

Barton Arcade, Manchester by chevy

Lincoln Square, ManchesterThe hyperbolic paraboloid pedestrian tunnel between the Arndale Centre and Marks & Spencer was completed in 1999 after the IRA bomb in Manchester. One of its main features seems to be collecting rubbish along its base. Many locals experience more affinity with a sturdy red post box, under the tunnel, which withstood the bomb blast.

Footrbridge, Corporation Street, Manchester

Corporation St pedestrian tunnel, Manchester by ministry

Chetham’s Library, one of Frederick Engels favourite Manchester haunts, is the oldest public library in English speaking world.

Chethams Library, Manchester

Chethams Library, Manchester by terry6082books

I really like the photo I took from outside Manchester Cathedral which portrays Manchester through the centuries. You can see the Tudor style pub, the Victorian dome, the 1960s tower block and the Big Wheel.

Manchester through the centuries

Manchester through the centuries

Thanks to Lisa and Urbis for a very interesting Combination Tour. You can choose from a wide choice of Urbis guided tours, costing from £3, including a 60s Magical Music Tour, Suffragette City, Northern Quarter and a Tavern Tour.