Video interview: Manchester poet Carol Batton at Cup

I met Manchester poet Carol Batton at Cup, a cafe in the city’s Northern Quarter, whilst I was waiting to meet Susie Stubbs, winner of Manchester Blog of the Year and author of Travels with my Baby. I started chatting with Carol, who was sitting at the table next to me. Carol told me that she was a poet and I explained to her that I was visiting Manchester on my five stop Summer 09 UK Blogging Tour and gave her my business card. A couple of minutes later Carol had penned a short poem for me.

Carol Batton's poem for my UK Blogging Tour

Carol Batton’s poem composed for the UK Blogging Tour at Cup, Manchester

I was very touched that Carol had written a poem specially for me. I’d already planned to take a video of Cup, as it’s a pretty well known Manchester cafe . As I started to shoot the video I thought why not do a short interview with Carol, so she could tell me more about her poetry and read out her recent composition.

As you can see from the video, Cup has a pretty impressive selection of food. I did manage to resist the scrummy looking cakes and had a healthy soup as I’d had the most delicious freshly baked Danish Pastry for my breakfast at the Abode, so I thought I’d better reign in the sweet intake for the rest of the day.

So if you’re in the Northern Quarter Cup is a great place for a drink or snack and you never know what local celebrity you might bump into, poet or award winning travel blogger?