Kahuna Restaurant, Tolcarne Beach, Newquay

Kahuna was one of the Newquay restaurants that was recommended to me by several different people for my Newquay stop on Summer 09 UK Blogging Tour. It’s situated on Tolcarne Beach close to the town centre. Unfortunately it was raining during my visit so I wasn’t able to sit out on the terrace and fully appreciate the views. I ate at the restaurant on a complimentary basis.

The photos in the restaurant are by local photographer Rob Buchanan and the paintings by artist Simon Parris.

However the weather didn’t detract from my enjoyment of my “Grilled Turbot fillets with Cornish new potatoes, asparagus spears and crayfish tail butter”. The flavours really complimented each other. Why can I never cook asparagus like that, mine is always either mushy and overcooked or hard and chewy?

Grliled Turbot Fillets at Kahuna

Grilled Turbot Fillets served at Kahuna

Kahuna have several seafood specials on the menu but they also serve homemade burgers, salads and tortillo wraps. Or you can just pop into have a drink.

The co-owner of Kahuna, Kelly Mather, did a video interview with me, talking about how she and her husband took the plunge into self employment.

So if you’re looking for a lovely, relaxed location for a meal, snack or drink, Kahuna’s a good bet.

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