“Czech Out” Brno

Everyone should be sure to spend some time in Prague – though if you do, beat the crowds and use Europe a la Carte’s tips to see Prague in a different light.   But when in the Czech Republic, I prefer to get out and see the countryside.  One of my favourite places?  Brno – the country’s second largest city.  You’d be surprised what you find once you’re there….

brno czech republic

Photo by Petra Broda

Cafe Culture

There’s tons of fantastic little cafes and coffeshops to hang out – and they’re bustling.  That’s cause Brno is a University town – so plenty of students looking for their next caffeine buzz.  I was shocked as well at all the English speaking signage and staff in many places, I think due to all the students.  You won’t find Starbucks, though, but plenty of other Moravian substitutes.

Gastronomy Galore

I love Czech food (hell, I just love food!) and you can find plenty of the tasty stuff in Prague, Cesky Krumlov, or elsewhere.  But wow – some of the places in Brno are just amazing.  You’ll find brewery bars with tons of different types of beer and the hearty platters to match.  Again, suprisingly, cosmopolitan Brno will surprise you with other European restaurants and tasty grub.  It’s hard to go wrong.

Scenic Sights

From the iconic cathedral gracing the skyline to the views you can have from elsewhere such as Brno castle, you’ll have those same fantastic views as in other Czech cities, but without the crowds.  Glowing orange rooftops, pastel coloured buildings, and tons of greenspace.  I think Brno might just be a great place to live, let alone see.

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