Don’t ignore Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City

Speaking of tiny countries – I was reminiscing about Liechtenstein last week – I think a lot of people might disregard Luxembourg as a good place for a holiday, but it’s really quite charming. In particular, the capital Luxembourg City is a great mix of old and new and has such a grand situation – just look at the photo of view from Boulevard Roosevelt for an idea of the sweeping valleys and bridges that line the city.

As you’d imagine, Luxembourg City isn’t huge, and so spending a day walking around is the best way to discover all its interesting corners. The historical ruins like the Bock Casemates are interesting, and the Palais Grand Ducal can be visited for a small fee. I have to admit that more than anything, I remember Luxembourg City as a town full of great crepes and hot chocolates, but that’s because I visited in winter. The only catch here is that much of the inner-city accommodation is quite pricey, but I stayed a short drive out of town towards the airport and had a great deal.