Zeppelin Museum near Lake Constance has something for all

Zeppelin Museum Lake Constance

Summer means it’s a great time to visit Lake Constance – bordering Germany, Switzerland and Austria, you have to remember that the locals call it the Bodensee, if you’re reading the signposts. There is so much to do around here during fine weather, but the last time I was there the summer day turned rainy and dark and we had to escape inside, and my big tip for this is to head to Friedrichshafen on the northern, German side of the lake, and check out the Zeppelin Museum.

I’m far from being a transport freak, so I can safely say that this museum will be interesting for almost everyone. It’s certainly unique to learn about these airships and there’s a recreation of the famous Hindenburg airship there, with the passenger cabins done at correct scale. What’s more, they also have exhibitions of local arts and crafts to interest those who really can’t get into the technicalities of flying airships.

These days Ryanair flies into Friedrichshafen from Stansted so it’s easy to get to Lake Constance and surrounds. The adult entrance fee is €7.50 and there are family pass deals; during summer, the Zeppelin Museum is open every day but from October to June it is closed on Mondays. It’s located right on the water and there are eateries nearby, too.

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