Croatia’s Makarska Riviera

Come summer, one of the most popular and crowded spots on the Croatian coast is the Makarska Riviera. This 60km stretch between the Biokovo Mountain and the Adriatic Sea is known for its pebble beaches, quiet bays and pine woods.

Makarska Riviera

At the heart of the Riviera is the town of Makarska. And much of Makarska can be found along its Riva. The promenade of this once Roman settlement is lined with palm trees, Dalmatian eateries and souvenir stalls. Along the waterfront, ferries and fishing boats host dinners and embark on night cruises.

On dry land, Makarska’s town centre is a patchwork of old stone and churches. The main sight here is the fifteenth century Franciscan monastery. Weirdly, it is known for its collection of snails, shells, mussels, and fossils from the region.

Like Makarska, the Riviera is full of small towns and fishing villages where you can soak up the magic of the Adriatic. If you plan your trip right you could make it for some of the summer fiestas, the most popular of which is the fishermen’s nights. Celebrations are fuelled by folk music, traditional costumes and local food.


The Riviera’s most prominent feature, of course, is its coastline and the many sunny beaches that line up along the water. Tourists and locals alike can be found here all day, lounging on the beach, swimming, fishing, diving and parasailing. And given the long of hours of sunshine, the clean waters and peaceful surroundings, who can really blame them?

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