Five Great European Shorelines To Explore

As longer days and warmer airs bring everyone outdoors here in Europe, it’s time to head to the shore. And why not – it doesn’t last long, so we tend to take advantage of it while it’s hot (literally and figuratively).

Here are five great European coasts you should have a look at on your next trip.

Sylt, Germany

Tucked away on an island at the very northern tip of Germany – practically Scandinavia in fact – is Sylt. It made waves (pun intended) back in 1920 as it opened the first nude beach in Germany. Today it is still a sun-soaked paradise, with gorgeous cliffs, thatched-roof houses, gorgeous lighthouses and spectacular sunsets.

sylt, germany

Port Towan, England

Towan Beach is one of many beaches around the coast of Newquay, Cornwall. Believe it, Towan is where you’ll want to head if you’re a beginning surfer – that is, if you even knew that surfing was possible in England! Don’t worry if you don’t want to board the waves – you can relax and just watch or listen to the harbour seals.

surfer at towan beach, england

St Jean de Luz, France

Near the French/Spanish border is the gorgeous Basque town of St Jean de Luz. Besides sparkling coastlines with the softest sand you’ve ever felt, you’ll also find great boutique shops. Don’t the St Jean Baptiste chapel – it’s beautiful.

saint jean de luz beach

Turtle Beach, Turkey

The two and a half miles of crisp beach called Iztuzu Beach is also known as Turtle Beach, because it’s a popular breeding ground for the local loggerhead turtle. It’s an undeveloped area and feels a world of its own; back in 1987 developers raised plans for a large luxury hotel at the end of the beach, but local protests prevented any development and now the entire area is a protected site.

turtle beach, turkey

Torre del Pizzo, Italy
Far from the bustling resorts and busy coasts of Northern Italy, the Torre in southwest Italy is a peaceful enclave. With miles of sand dunes and clear beaches, what more could one ask for? These are beaches with minimal amenities, so bring your own and enjoy the solitude.

torre del pizzo, italy

Did these give you some new trip ideas?
What’s your favourite European coast?

Photos courtesy of lars_goldenbogen (Germany), kevinzim (England) Rory Finnermen (France), meemal (Turkey), danielotto (Italy).