Scoffing marzipan in Lübeck

Niedergegger Marzipan

I’m a big fan of getting to know the local food and drink when I travel, but when I arrived in Lübeck, northern Germany, I wasn’t that thrilled to hear that it was the home of some special marzipan – that had always been a sweet I just couldn’t learn to like. Nonetheless, my friends dragged me along to the most famous local producer of marzipan, Niedergegger and convinced me to try some of their three hundred different marzipan products. I soon changed my opinion about marzipan!

Lübecker Marzipan is so famously local that it even has protected geographical status from the EU. They also boast about their high quality marzipan which uses a lot more almonds and a lot less sugar than other manufacturers, and perhaps that’s what made the difference for me, because I suddenly couldn’t get enough of it. Their Café Niederegger is in the centre of Lübeck and I heartily recommend a visit there. And in the “good to know” category, I just discovered that they have a very extensive online shop if you need a marzipan fix in between your trips to northern Germany. I promise they’re not paying me to advertise – I just get excited about combining happy taste buds with travels.

Image: Timo Heuer via Creative Commons

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